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2010: Student Faculty Others Legal
2009: Student New GW Faculty IF Ծ TMY 08GMR IF08GW 8412 8512 GMR
2008 Awards: YY IF Goodwill Faculty Student 813 8512 8512(2) 772 831 796m
2007 Awards: ONS/ENS Faculty YY LiuYD New GW, 06 813 8512 IF-GMR IF-GW GMR
2006 Awards: New Students Faculty Awards Gift Young HUA Luogeng 813/8112 8512 CHEN Dapang 817 LYD
2005 Awards: New Student Awards Faculty Awards Goodwill Award (pledge, r) New GW 8512
2004 Awards: 23 ONS/14 ENS ( ons candidates) Faculty New GW online,   (form) view All GW ((letter)
2003 Awards: 24 Outstanding/11 Excellent New Students, 4 Faculty Goodwill Scholarship Award New GW Old GW  ||  2001
2001 Awards(the details will be shown below after clicking each link)
  • Awardees list and prize.
  • Award certificates look like this: front, back. The certificate is laminated.
    Note, only the one student receiving HSS has a different name for the award, instead of ,
    the word "outstanding" is replaced by "excellent" in English.
    Remark: NI Tao receives High School Students Scholarship provided by JIANG Hua(772) and CHEN Xuesheng(772) for the best new students from Bengbu No.3 Middle School, Anhui.
  • A certificate card is also issued, one side in Chinese and the back is a shrunk image of the certificate.
  • USTC sent AF several candidate lists .