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2006 interviews 李巨 2005 interviews 侯建国 黄吉虎 肖臣国 陈路 杜俊军
2004 interviews 王志珍 张俊妮 王明旭 吴奇 姚新 孙立广、谢周清
2003 interviews 高登义 杨元庆 李佩 程继新 蒋华 杨秀敏 郭传杰 饶子和 胡红卫 唐明 赵忠贤 姜岩 陈雪生 叶流传 张树新
2002 interviews: 吴雪筠 张亚勤 胡伟武 陈以龙 2001 : Peidong Yang Qiang Zhou Kunxin Luo
2000 interviews: 陈晓薇 X Jin/Z Guo Jing Liu Z Wang 李亚 T Chen 陶荣甲 H Liu Z Yin H Wei 朱清时
1999 interviews: 詹红兵 Guohua Deng Bin Li 舒其望 王维嘉 杨超平 文小刚

Quintessential USTCers

USTC Alumni Foundation conducts alumni interviews for all of us to exchange ideas on how to build USTC into a world-class institution, and to help ourselves excel at our chosen professions. As such, USTCAF doesn't necessarily endorse all statements made during the interviews.




Call for Interviews

USTC Alumni Foundation is currently interviewing one alum approximately every month. The interview scripts are published in the monthly communications newsletter that USTC AF sends out to the USTC alumni community and also here at AF's home on the web.

There are three objectives for the interviews: (i) spread success stories among our alumni to help them build their careers; (ii) provide a stage for alumni to share ideas about building an even better USTC; and (iii) give the newsletter a personal touch and help old friends stay in touch.

Most alumni contacted about the interviews generously shared their ideas. Remember, without your help, there will be no interviews. If there is any way we can do this better, please let us (afgb-AT-ustcaf.org) know.

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